Saturday, December 8, 2007

Switch Map to Satellite and Zoom Right Down to Bow Narrows Camp from Space

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So just where is Red Lake, Ontario, Canada and Bow Narrows Camp?
Thanks to Google Maps, you can see for yourself.
You can use the magnify tools on the map and you can also switch views from Map to Satellite and Terrain.
To see an incredible high definition satellite photo of camp and the west end of Red Lake, switch the Google Map to satellite mode, then slowly zoom in while keeping the camp "A' balloon in the center of the map. You will want to click the X on the little Bow Narrows Camp window to make it disappear.
As you can see, Bow Narrows Camp is in the very heart of prime fishing habitat for northern pike, walleye and lake trout. We meet you with the camp boat at the east end of this big lake and take you past beautiful islands and winding narrows to the west end where camp is located.
We're completely self-sufficient out here. We generate our own electricity, etc.
Our camp is completely modern but its location is entirely wilderness.
Fishing guides are just unnecessary here. You can start fishing right from the dock and you never need go far. We give you an excellent fishing map and mark it with all the best fishing spots. And oh yes, we clean all your fish for you! And take out ALL the bones!
You might want to spend the night before coming out to camp at a motel or you may be planning on flying to Red Lake. You'll find answers to these questions and more by visiting our website:
Please feel free to e-mail or phone and ask any questions you might have.
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