Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm finally "back" to blogging again

There have been precious few blogs in the last month or so and the main reason has been my health. My back went critical on me way back near the beginning of August and it has taken all of my strength and time to do the least things required of me at camp.
Brenda and our terrific staff: Ben, Jenn and Steph, incredibly picked up the slack. About the only thing I could do was drive the camp boat, Lickety Split, and ask our great guests to load and unload it. In town I was aided by helpers at Red Lake Marine and Sobeys Supermarket.
Finally, after about a month, my back began improving. Then, out of the blue, my knee went totally ballistic. I couldn't even get around with crutches. It seems I have a knee condition known as pseudogout which mysteriously creates crystals in the knee joint. Not much is known about it other than it can be brought on my dehydration. I very likely was dehydrated. Since sneezing in the morning often sent my spine into spasms, I had been taking antihistimines which literally dry you out. I also have not been a big water drinker, tending to instead drink coffee and sugar-free but caffeinated pops. These also are dehydrating.
Once I learned what might be causing the pseudogout I starting drinking large glasses of water and began feeling better within hours.
Three days later my knee is still swollen and stiff but the acute joint pain is gone. I was able to walk more or less normally today.
Needless to say, I will be drinking lots of water from this point.