Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cieplik fishing video is going 'viral'

I see from the blog page counter that 142 people have already watched Scott Cieplik's video that he made with the new GoPro camera during his trip to camp this summer. That's in just two days!
Jeez, I wish I could see it! After 45 minutes of downloading on our slow Internet system, all I got to see were the first three minutes.
It's more than a fishing video; it's a documentary on the whole trip.
Scott, as you can see from the comments on the blog, everyone is very impressed. We are also getting e-mails from people who loved the show!
I like this comment: "Best thing since canned beer!"
Here again is a link to the video:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some of the sights you see while out fishing

bull moose near Bow Narrows Camp
It's everyone's dream to see a bull moose while fishing here at Bow Narrows Camp and that dream came true for angler Bob Preuss last week.
It was a great week for seeing wildlife. There were also two timber wolves seen, one swimming and the other on land.
Our fishermen have seen several wolves this summer. That is unusual as these creatures are extremely wary and difficult to spot.
One of the wolves was pure white and was walking along the side of a rocky cliff.
Early in the season we also saw many black bears.
On Sunday I came across a doe and fawn whitetail deer swimming across Hammell Narrows, right in the town of Red Lake. Bow Narrows' guests will know this location as where the beautiful homes are along the waterfront, just as we leave Howey Bay.
I have actually seen a lot of animals swimming across this channel over the years: deer, bear, coyotes and moose. They are usually swimming from the mainland out to White Horse Island.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

We're getting some dramatic fall storms

Jason Williams, one of our anglers, just e-mailed us this breath-taking photo of an approaching storm. He took the shot while in camp a little more than a week ago.
We're getting a lot of unsettled weather right now -- mostly sunny but with fast-moving rainstorms every couple of days.
The temperature is slightly above normal for this time of year. Daytime highs are about 75 F or 25 C. The nights are cool, probably about 50 F.
The trees are rapidly turning colour. I'll post a photo of the fall colours in a day or so.
I would say the colour-change is about one month ahead of schedule! It must be a result of the month-early start to spring this year.
If you ever wanted to come to camp and see the fall colours, you should come in the next few weeks. Most people miss our fall show because it normally happens the last two weeks of September and first week of October. At the rate things are happening this year the leaves will be gone by the first of October.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scott Cieplik's fishing video up and running

Scott Cieplik, the Bow Narrows angler who took those great still photos of brother Tommy holding numerous lunker northern pike, has the video of his trip up and running on YouTube.
Scott recommends watching it at a resolution of 1080p or 720p
Tragically, we can't see the video here at camp because our Internet connection is too slow.
I will need to wait until we get home this fall.
Scott used a GoPro Camera to do the filming, the same as the still photos.
He was very creative in mounting this innovative little camera in various places on the boat and the car on the way to camp.
Click on this link to see the video:
Scott, many thanks for sharing this. Dan.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

The lemon-meringue pie that ate Bow Narrows!

It was bound to happen.
Jenn Bucci, our cook, couldn't leave well-enough alone. In her quest to bake ever-higher lemon meringue pies she finally went beyond the limits of nature.
No pie was meant to have 5 1/2 inches of sticky, lemony meringue on it. The meringue was so thick that gravity compressed the lemon filling into something no dessert eater ever wants to contemplate: a living pie!!!
Something, call it a sixth sense, told me not to get too close to the row of colossal pies. But I had to get right in there, just to record the immense thickness of meringue. I needed photographic evidence! Would you have believed me if I told you the pies had 5 1/2 inches of meringue on them? "Sure buddy, and I'm the Tooth Fairy!"
So I leaned in for the shot of mountainous meringue. I thought at first that I had just moved too close. The pies looked like the Himalayas. I backed away but the pies were still just as huge in the lens. Too late I realized that the pies were coming at me! I was backed into a corner and already stuck like a fly in a web.
My "fight or flight" instinct too over. Only this time it was more like "eat or be stuck for the rest of my life" instinct. In the end, I just licked my fingers and said cockily to the remaining pies, "Alright, who's next?"
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

GoPro camera revolutionizes sports photography

GoPro on bow of boat
GoPro adhesive mount
Bow Narrows angler Jeff Barg, fishing at camp by himself this week, has one of the new GoPro HD cameras mounted on the bow of his fishing boat. It lets him take photos and videos of all his fishing action.
This tiny camera, about twice the thickness of a deck of cards, is completely waterproof and comes with several systems to mount it to flat or curved surfaces and to things like handlebars. It also has a head mount.
This is the camera that Scott Cieplik used to get those spectacular photos of his brother, Tommy, in the previous blog.
The GoPro also takes high definition videos, bursts of single photos, self-timed photos and others.
I see that there is a remote triggering device for it, which would have been handy for Jeff, fishing by himself. Unfortunately he didn't have it set up the first afternoon when he caught and released a 42-inch northern pike!
We've seen several GoPros this summer at camp.
It takes a near 180-degree photo, however, it is not a fisheye lens but more of a panorama.
The real uniqueness of this camera becomes evident from the creativity of its operator.
Scott Cieplik was a wizard with it, mounting the camera underneath the boat with a suction cup to get underwater photos of fish being netted and released.
He even mounted the camera to the shaft of the landing net! Talk about a unique shot when one of Tommy's monster pike comes right into the lens, then the whole image shakes as the big pike goes berserk in the net!
Scott also had great videos of himself driving the outboard during a hard rainstorm, videos taken from the roof of the car driving up the Red Lake road, and many others.
I hope he posts them on YouTube so we can all see them.
The GoPro camera sells just about everywhere for only $299. It comes with a few basic mounts but there are many others that can be bought separately. I think the remote and the suction cup mounts would be especially good investments. It doesn't have a viewer so you need to have a laptop computer to see your images.
As I watched Scott's incredible videos, taken underwater, from the top of the motor, the end of the boat and the top of the car, I couldn't help but compare it to conventional photographers who have a suitcase full of expensive lens and are afraid to take them out in the boat for fear they might get wet and ruined. This GoPro camera is a game-changer.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy cow! I mean...Holy cow!


Here are a few of the 12 northern I caught over 36", and as a family of four that week we ended up catching 21 pike over 30". I'm sure once Scott gets his video and pictures uploaded you will be receiving a few more.

Check out the release picture I sent you, it's a pretty good one.


(Editor's note: Tom Cieplik and his brother, Scott, father, Carl, and mother, Brenda, were here the second week of July. I'll write more about this amazing family of anglers and the way Scott took these incredible photos in upcoming blogs. And Scott, if you have your video up and running, please send us a link to it. Dan.)
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Ultralight airplane drops in for a visit

Ben Miron, a retired conservation officer with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, dropped in for a visit last week. He was flying a Challenger ultralight airplane that he built from a kit.
The plane is powered by a modified snowmobile engine and is amphibious, having retractable wheels as well as floats.
Ben said the aircraft is fun to fly but requires calmer conditions than a standard floatplane.
It took him several hundred hours to build it.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cool bugs of the Boreal Forest

Mourning Cloak and bees
yellow hornets and goldenrod
I took a tour of the yard with my pocket camera a few days ago and was surprised at all the neat insects.
In the top photo is a tiny hummingbird moth feeding on some wild asters. I've seen larger versions of this creature a couple of times but this one was miniscule, maybe just three-quarters of an inch long. I used the macro function on my camera to snap this shot.
In the second photo are a cluster of bees and a mourning cloak butterfly, all drinking sap from holes drilled into a birch tree by a yellow-bellied sapsucker. There were swarms of bees, or hornets, I couldn't get close enough to see clearly, around this tree. I didn't get a photo of it but there was also a ruby-throat hummingbird zooming around, waiting for a chance to get at the sweet flowing sap.
In the bottom photo are two yellow hornets getting nectar from goldenrod. Hornets have the much deserved reputation for stinging but these ones were docile enough, letting me put my camera a couple of inches away.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

We've been busy; fall weather is here

As you can probably tell by the scarcity of blogs, we've been too busy to sit down at the computer.
We have a big group in the dining room this week, 32 people. This keeps us all hopping but especially the kitchen staff.
Here Jenn Bucci cooks fish outside. Thirty-two people can eat a lot of fish and it takes her more than an hour to cook them all, even using a double-burner fish cooker.
We are getting cool fall weather now. All week the lake has been steaming as the heat leaves it.
This sends the walleyes scurrying to deeper water. We are still catching lots of big northern pike in shallow water as well as deeper where the walleyes are hanging.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

This team had fun with t-shirts

The Nick Borgman group from Indiana arrived and departed from camp this summer wearing clever team t-shirts.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super 8 motel is open in Red Lake, Ontario

The new Super 8 motel has opened its doors in Red Lake.
The motel is located right next to the new Tim Horton's restaurant, a half-mile south of the town on a crescent just off Highway 105.
The motel has over 60 rooms.
To make reservations, call 807-727-8888
or visit their website:
or e-mail:
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Walleyes are thick and extremely powerful

Neil Matson (top) and father Terry hoist some of the big walleyes they caught at camp a week ago.
Everybody is talking about how powerful the bigger walleyes are this year. It is like they have been lifting weights! Every time you tie into one of these muscular babies you are in for a rod-bending, drag-screaming fight.
Unless someone is feeding the fish steroids, the only other explanation is that baitfish are just extraordinarily plentiful this season.
Walleye fishing is excellent and has been that way all year. Ditto for northern pike.
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